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Euro Startups: Ten Hard Lessons From 2009

Good article that analyzes ten European Startups during 2009, and takes lessons out of their experience. In short, Startups (and not only European ones), should focus of building a great, simple, lean, fast and well designed product that solves a need of a large group of people. Sounds easy, but it's actually very hard -- and even when you accomplish these simple steps, there's no guarantee that your product will be a success (or will be even used at all).


Suffice it to say that funding for startup tech companies remains tight. And when VCs are running out of LPs to go to, you really know it is. The VC model is still finding its feet in a market where exits are still not that clear. For many companies 2009 was a nightmare – especially the first half. But anecdotal evidence I’ve been picking up suggests that confidence in the European tech scene re-started tentatively after the summer. Hopefully, conversations that have been going on for the last few months will see the light of day in new announcements, launches and, I daresay, one or two exits in the new year.



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