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Need to internationalize software for Mac 0S?

Outstanding Apple's official repository of Developer documentation about internationalizing software for Mac OS X. This is an invaluable source of knowledge for those thinking about creating international-ready software for Mac OS. via With over half of Macintosh computers being sold outside the United States and because Mac OS X... Read more →

Good insights overall, but one could also argue that these advices are very generic, and could be applied to any other country, like thinking your relationships in a strategic way, learning the local language, leveraging your current network, being patient with the "efficiency" of local players, et cetera. via Read more →

What started as a global, almost spontaneous marketing campaign a few years ago is becoming an established party in some places. Although still mainly a marketing event outside of the US, Halloween could become something more real, but only if and when little kids get into it -- today, especially... Read more →

ICANN Bringing the Languages of the World to the Global Internet

The proposal would mean that domain names could be written in the languages such as Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi or Cyrillic and be understood natively by the machines that connect computers together over the web. via The first Internet addresses containing non-Latin characters from start to finish will soon... Read more →