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Army of humanoid robots takes Tokyo by storm

Latest models can flip pancakes or weld, and the industry is worth almost USD 6 billion to Japan.


Other new-generation robots demonstrated levels of dexterity and subtlety unimaginable just a few years ago – enough, for example, to build Lego models, grip slices of cake without crushing them or transmit live video images as they slither through the rubble of an earthquake.

Not all of the latest creations are quite as earnest. Sideshow frolics were provided by Topio, a silver humanoid who plays table tennis, while the diminutive Manoi Go – yours for USD 1,600 – bolstered its reputation as the next cyber-star by showing off its breakdancing skills.


Honda's Asimo robot conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Robots are increasingly becoming less whimsical and more practical. Photographer: Paul Sancya/AP


Michael Masouras

'Army of humanoid robots takes Tokyo by storm'

I *hate* it when that happens!

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