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Translation Error Results in Russian Gift of Siberian Tigers

Never underestimate the importance of high quality translations. Not even if the prize is a Siberian Tiger.


Russia's tiger donation came about partly through an interpreter's mistake. While visiting Korea in June, a Russian delegation led by Vladimir Kirillov, the head of Russia's Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service, went to the National Institute of Biological Resources with Vice Environment Minister Lee Byung-wook to see a display of mounted animals, including a Siberian tiger.
During the tour, a Korean official said, "Korea is very interested in Siberian tigers." But the interpreter mistranslated the comment, and asked about Russia's willingness to donate the animals. In response, Kirillov asked if Korea could raise donated tigers in the wild.




this is a classic example of being lost in translation!


This seems like a pretty odd translation error, I’m almost lost for words. It’s funny but at the same time it goes to show that using a reliable translation agency with true professionals is so important. It may have been a really simple mistake that anyone could have made but using a trusted translator is vital as the repercussions can be huge otherwise.

Hugh, that was exactly the point of this post. While, in reality, the interpreter was simultaneously translating, it still shows how important a professional translator is to ensure good and correct communication.

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