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December 2009

Interesting research about what kind of activities Internet users have around the world. It is remarkable how the level of maturity of a market (measured in terms of Internet penetration) might explain what activities users perform. For example, while in mature markets like the US, Canada and the UK, blogging... Read more →

Robert Scoble, a well known American technology blogger, visited Paris a few weeks ago, and seems to have disliked the approach (or lack thereof) of "brand-building practices" among the local entrepreneurs. Although one could argue that Scoble's approach is too based on the "American way" of doing business, he does... Read more →

If you have ever visited a Korean, Chinese or Japanese website, you will probably have noted that it contains a lot more information and images per square inch than other, more "Western" sites from the US, Europe or Latin America. And that is the way most users in Asia expect... Read more →

Even with a slowdown in their user growth, Facebook is still taking on Europe as a storm. The slowdown could be explained by multiple reasons, from the lack of good statistics to the maturity of the European market. via Facebook’s Europe population gained 3.85 million people in November to... Read more →