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As we have done in the past, it is time to stop for a moment and check some impressive numbers related to usage of some internet services. The original report was published at the end of January/2010. via There are more than 3.5bn pieces of content (web links, news... Read more →

Although it might sound like a bit of a poetic license to compare Mig33, with its email, IM and other communication applications, with Twitter, it is interesting to see how international comparisons start to be made. And how those comparisons actually make sense. Will the Twitter canary survive? via Read more →

The importance of localizing your website for the target market can't be over-emphasized as there is a myriad of cultural and linguistic complexities that must be addressed - this applies to international SEO initiatives too. via Many small businesses could be missing a trick by limiting their SEO scope... Read more →

Good article that analyzes ten European Startups during 2009, and takes lessons out of their experience. In short, Startups (and not only European ones), should focus of building a great, simple, lean, fast and well designed product that solves a need of a large group of people. Sounds easy, but... Read more →