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Reporting the Obvious: Hispanic Web Users More Likely to Visit World Cup Content

Although it is obvious for anyone who a) knows what "Caucasian" Americans like in terms of sports (hint: soccer is not on the list), and b) what "Hispanics" (and, to that matter, almost anyone else around the world, from Russia to Argentina, from Israel to Iran, from Iceland to Korea) like, no one should be surprised by this report.

That said, there might be something more interesting here than the obvious. Given the demographic growth of Hispanics in the USA, and the fact that "Caucasian" Americans are not growing at the same pace, Soccer might (finally) become the most popular sport in the USA in the future, maybe even turning baseball and American football the (white) minority sports.


Hispanic Web users topped the list of audience segments who visited World Cup coverage sites. According to Hitwise, three segments of the U.S. Hispanic population - many families living in urban and suburban areas - were more likely to visit World Cup-related content and sites than the overall online population.

The measurement firm found that in the four weeks ending June 16, 14 percent of all visits to World Cup content online was driven by three Hispanic demographic segments

Photo of Hispanic Soccer Mural in the Mission District, San Francisco, California, by Wallyg (some rights reserved).


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