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Content and Culture: Localization for Global Businesses

Classic example of article suggesting companies to invest in making websites relevant to their local audiences (through not only high quality translations, but also through up-to-date localized contents and SEO strategy, and even by developing different feature sets for specific markets).

via search engine journal

The key thing (in terms of content) to remember with any website is that it should be regularly updated with fresh content and, ultimately, it should be current. So the last thing you want is the top item in your ‘news section’ to be a story about some event that happened twelve months ago.

If you’re going to have news and blog sections on your website, then you have to ensure they’re updated – not only does Google like fresh content, but it will give a much better impression of your company, as one that’s in the loop and up-to-date.

Indeed, the last thing you want is to simply Google Translate news from your English website that a) won’t be relevant to your international audiences, and b) is translated poorly by a machine that knows no better.

This, of course, raises the issue of how you update content when you have multiple platforms covering a number of languages. And there’s no getting around the fact that for each language-version of your website, you should ideally have at least one-employee native to that language who can check everything’s properly localized and who can take responsibility for updating the local site. But it can be easy to overlook this in some markets.

Another classic is a photo with a funny "translation" or misspelling. Sort of a prove that it is greatly recommended to use professional translators and/or editors when creating content in different languages.


Russian translation

Product localization is a term that has to be known by those who want to get their products to the new markets. Neglecting this aspect might end up with a failed attempt.

Lisa Chaves

I truly agree with this. It's not about having your site in the limelight of the world wide web but also making it known locally would mean something great for your brand.

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