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Classic example of article suggesting companies to invest in making websites relevant to their local audiences (through not only high quality translations, but also through up-to-date localized contents and SEO strategy, and even by developing different feature sets for specific markets). via search engine journal The key thing (in terms... Read more →

Interesting article from The Economist about the future of the Internet, analyzing specifically the current trends towards the end of total freedom and accessibility, with Governments, Telcos and others trying to create walled gardens. via Fifteen years after its first manifestation as a global, unifying network, it has entered... Read more →

From time to time, we post articles related to more scientific subjects, always related to the expansion and/or future of the Internet. Today, this research shows how applying hyperbolic space mapping might help avoiding the scaling limitations that the Internet faces today. via Nature Communications The Internet infrastructure is severely... Read more →

The global growth of Twitter is impressive, especially if we acknowledge the fact that the figures presented by ComScore in their press release only include web users visiting, and do *not* include users on clients and applications. Just for fun, you can check the latest tweets directly on a... Read more →