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Cloudwords, a new start-up based in San Francisco, was launched officially yesterday. Backed by a selected group of investors, including Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, the Cloudwords platform offers companies with translation needs the option to manage their translations online, and also to find new, competitive translation services companies to translate their projects. A translation project management together with a translation vendors marketplace -- Cloudwords could change the way many companies manage their localization.


Cloudwords is not a translation vendor or Localization Service Provider (LSP); rather, it is a Translation Management Platform that enables our customers to select and interact with translation vendors and manage all translation projects in the cloud.

At Cloudwords, we believe that the innovative way to buy translation services begins with transparency. The current standard approach pits buyer and vendor against each other. The vendor holds all the information and the buyer becomes suspicious, often times resulting in both parties being dissatisfied with the experience.

Cloudwords levels the playing field through total transparency. Buyers and vendors share all the same information and we make sure that they are getting exactly what they want most in the transaction. Buyers want knowledge of how prices between vendors compare, without the hassle of having to do a request for proposal or managing a disorganized bidding process. Vendors want a steady flow of project opportunities and offers. Cloudwords delivers both.

With the release of Cloudwords, we look forward to revolutionizing the translation industry. Some of our key attributes in that revolution include:

  • Customer focus— the first application built especially for translation buyers
  • Complete online platform—not just a project submission portal
  • Online Translation Memory storage and sharing
  • Strict translation vendor membership requirements
  • Complete transparency
  • Normalized online bidding process
cloudwords translation management platform


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