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Netflix Will Speak Spanish and Portuguese - Shares Soar to All-time High

Netflix yesterday announced they will be releasing their (stream-only) service in 43 countries of Center and South America, including Brazil, the biggest market in the region and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

As reported by one of the main newspapers in Brazil (article in Portuguese), Netflix will be partnering with Netmovies, an online movie rental service controlled by the American fund Tiger Management Corp.

As a result of these news, Netflix's shares soared in the Nasdaq to an all-time high, taking the company to a whooping $ 15.1 Billion valuation.

Last, as a long-term Netflix user, I hope this move brings more Brazilian and South American movies to US-based users as well - and not only crappy or dubbed ones...


We’re excited to share with you the news that later this year, Netflix will expand to 43 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, offering unlimited TV shows and movies streaming instantly over the Internet to TVs and computers for one low monthly subscription price.
Members in the region will be able to access in Spanish, Portuguese or English, depending on their preference, and will be able to enjoy entertainment on their TVs via a range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix, as well as on PCs, Macs and mobile devices.


Netflix Stock evolution since 2008 (the beginning of the global financial crisis)



Thanks for this - it almost seems like Netflix is figuring out how to make the disruptive technologies developed by others into viable business models.

I'll be very curious to see how they negotiate (or fail to negotiate) content deals with media conglomerates in Mexico, Argentina and especially Brazil. It's not clear to me that they see Netflix as a viable competitor.

Very good points Patrick, thanks for posting!
You raise a good question re: Netflix being seen as a viable competitor by media conglomerates - From what I know about Globo, the biggest media group in Brazil (and one of the main in the world), they will be looking very closely at what Netflix does, and I would not be surprised if they've closed more than just content deals (could be acquiring a stake of the company, or creating a joint venture for the Brazilian market).

In other, smaller markets, I think Netflix has a great opportunity by just signing deals with the American majors, and distributing their contents in Spanish.

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