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In the last decade or more, Apple has been the most often mentioned example of successful company built around a very strong vision of strong product design and innovation. Nothing more logical, therefore, than to use the iPod and its production process around the world to explain the concepts of... Read more →

Knowing how hard it is to localize applications, it's refreshing to see that the team at Apple seems to have gotten the process right. Their Developer pages have great information about the Localization and Internationalization processes and tools, and it's a great source of general information. via The following... Read more →

It's been less than four weeks since I started this blog - and it's been a great ride, exciting, fun and full of lessons. This post is to thank all of the readers, and to share some data (from Google Analytics) that shows how truly global this blog is getting... Read more →

Long analysis of the challenges that Apple will be facing in China when releasing the iPhone. The author concentrates on an analysis of the price and the importance of defining the right one for the Chinese market. It would have been interesting if they had also analyzed the social and... Read more →