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It's always interesting to read US-based websites reviewing trends around an industry or subject, and leaving out some of the most revolutionary players, just because they are not from the US. In the case of online music, this article, otherwise good, leaves out Spotify, a service that doesn't seem to... Read more →

Heavily growing since its release, the iPhone is on its way to overtake all of Nokia phones as the market leader -- and this trend will only be more pronounced when the "exclusivity" deals start to end in countries like the US and in Europe. via For Q3 2009,... Read more →

The Globalization of the "Mac look and feel" and the Apple design has reached the mainstream -- not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of software and user experience. But even with a better design, Microsoft will still struggle with their brand image. via Yesterday there... Read more →

Need to internationalize software for Mac 0S?

Outstanding Apple's official repository of Developer documentation about internationalizing software for Mac OS X. This is an invaluable source of knowledge for those thinking about creating international-ready software for Mac OS. via With over half of Macintosh computers being sold outside the United States and because Mac OS X... Read more →