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Cloudwords, a new start-up based in San Francisco, was launched officially yesterday. Backed by a selected group of investors, including Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, the Cloudwords platform offers companies with translation needs the option to manage their translations online, and also to find new, competitive translation services... Read more →

Very cool move by the Twitter team, and I wonder why Italian was the language chosen -- probably it was ready before German, or Chinese (my guesses for future updates/languages) thanks to the Italian users translating it. And let's not forget that, even when the translations are done by Twitter... Read more →

So it seems that Twitter's growth is slowing down in the US and around the World, while blogging platforms are going strong. The guys at TechCrunch only mention WordPress in their article, leaving out the great move by Typepad last week, when it started offering a free service that allows... Read more →

It's been less than four weeks since I started this blog - and it's been a great ride, exciting, fun and full of lessons. This post is to thank all of the readers, and to share some data (from Google Analytics) that shows how truly global this blog is getting... Read more →