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The global growth of Twitter is impressive, especially if we acknowledge the fact that the figures presented by ComScore in their press release only include web users visiting, and do *not* include users on clients and applications. Just for fun, you can check the latest tweets directly on a... Read more →

The top 20 countries on the Internet, and what the future might bring

Looking at the evolution of emerging markets like India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines and Russia, and as the Internet penetration in these countries rise, the balance of power on the Internet will start to shift. In five to ten years, the order in the top 20 list will be... Read more →

The Copenhagen Summit started today. It is a too important date to ignore it in this blog, since Globalization, Internet, Entrepreneurship... everything would loose its meaning if nothing changes in the global warming trends. Below, we wanted to provide access to two of the most respected editorial opinions in the... Read more →

A report published in June 2009 shows the exponential growth of Twitter in the US and around the world, and that even before they released the translated Spanish and French versions. The report includes a lot of information, including demographics, most tweeted words/phrases, most important cities and most used Twitter... Read more →