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Ijaz Nabi, the author of the article published at the Brookings Institution website, brings up a very interesting and important point: how Asian governments (with the exception of Japan's) previously not really interested in the development of their people, realized that investing in education and health was the only way... Read more →

In addition to the well known social issues of illiteracy and innumeracy, there also should be such a concept as "immappacy," meaning insufficient geographical knowledge. A survey of random American schoolkids let them guess the population and land area of their country. Not entirely unexpected, but still rather unsettling, the... Read more →

We live in a corrupt World. Or, at least, that's the perception of the World's population. And, many times, perceptions are what make the reality. The 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index is a great source of information, for companies planning on doing business internationally, and even for people thinking about moving... Read more →

Charles Kenny makes the case for television as a force for development – particularly for women's rights – and suggests we take it more seriously as a transformative technology via It's not Twitter or Facebook that's reinventing the planet. Eighty years after the first commercial broadcast crackled to life,... Read more →