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Looking at the language web in 2008, we see a surprisingly clear map of Europe and Asia. The language linkages invite explanations around geopolitics, linguistics, and historical associations. The outlines of the Iberian and Scandinavian Peninsulas are clearly visible, which suggest geographic rather than purely linguistic associations. Examining links between... Read more →

Are you curious to see the distribution of searches around the world in terms of language used by people searching on Google? This is the answer, and it provides a really interesting way of visualizing that information. The Search Globe visualizes searches from one day, and shows the language of... Read more →

The boom in mobile web usage is probably also shaping the way users interact with web services in general - raising the expectations of a more simple and faster experience, while not loosing features. Also, we can expect an exponential increase in the mobile applications around geo-location and premium services,... Read more →

It's been less than four weeks since I started this blog - and it's been a great ride, exciting, fun and full of lessons. This post is to thank all of the readers, and to share some data (from Google Analytics) that shows how truly global this blog is getting... Read more →