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It is undeniable that there are some good reasons to use machine translation, and to trust (hope) that they will be good enough for publishing your contents live. In the case of the Wikipedia, I guess you can assume the risk and the cost of having sub-optimal, non-professional translations in... Read more →

Interesting move by Google, although I wonder how many Russian, or Greek users actually have a keyboard that does not support their local language. Sure enough, Google's team probably has data that backs this feature (I hope). via The basic idea behind the virtual keyboard is that users can... Read more →

If you have ever visited a Korean, Chinese or Japanese website, you will probably have noted that it contains a lot more information and images per square inch than other, more "Western" sites from the US, Europe or Latin America. And that is the way most users in Asia expect... Read more →

It seems like Yahoo! has been doing something right in Japan -- they have been the leading site there for more than eight years, and Google can't find the way to change it. Together with the fact that Yahoo! has been in the Japanese market for years, this is probably... Read more →