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The United Nations Environment Program and the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century today reveal in a pair of new reports that despite an overall financial downturn in 2009, global investments in sustainable energy increased worldwide. Core clean energy investments from private and public sources totaled $162 billion.... Read more →

An interesting analysis of the current China industrial situation, and some good questions about their future strategy. Will the internal Chinese market growth be enough during this recession? Would a slow down in worldwide consumption be a good opportunity for the Chinese to start producing less with higher quality standards?... Read more →

Interesting list of tech companies to follow during the next years - Google was the one of the Tech Pioneers in 2001, and it became what everyone knows. It is also worth noting how Clean and Green Technology are at the top of the trends this year, a trend that... Read more →

The Copenhagen Summit started today. It is a too important date to ignore it in this blog, since Globalization, Internet, Entrepreneurship... everything would loose its meaning if nothing changes in the global warming trends. Below, we wanted to provide access to two of the most respected editorial opinions in the... Read more →