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European Venture Capital: Strong Potential with Challenges Ahead

Europe, with some countries leading the way in industries like solar, biopharmaceuticals, wireless communications and open source, presents a very compelling region for Venture Capital. Nonetheless, market regulation, and even more a certain cultural approach towards new investments are challenges slowing down that potential. Via the equity kicker Simon Cook... Read more →

The increase in usage of Skype to make phone calls (not just Skype-to-Skype, but from Skype to land lines and cell phones) has been impressive, and I can think of some reasons for this phenomenon: - Pricing: Skype competes with great per-minute fees everywhere. The local competition does not come... Read more →

Interesting research about what kind of activities Internet users have around the world. It is remarkable how the level of maturity of a market (measured in terms of Internet penetration) might explain what activities users perform. For example, while in mature markets like the US, Canada and the UK, blogging... Read more →

There might be an opportunity for foreign online games companies, but China's Government regulation, limits to foreign investment and lack of localization could pose a barrier. First companies to figure how to enter the Chinese market, either alone or by integrating their games into social networks used locally, will probably... Read more →