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It is not surprising that South-Korea, fourth largest gaming market in the world, is also seeing a surge of this phenomenon called Pokémon Go, a smartphone game that mixes a classic title with virtual reality. I guess Sokcho's business will do well, at least for a few weeks via www.theguardian.com... Read more →

The boom in mobile web usage is probably also shaping the way users interact with web services in general - raising the expectations of a more simple and faster experience, while not loosing features. Also, we can expect an exponential increase in the mobile applications around geo-location and premium services,... Read more →

After years of dominating their local market, Japanese cell phone makers are having a hard wake up to the competition and technology coming from abroad. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone and droid-based phones will perform in such a unique market. via www.ft.com Japan’s mobile handset makers... Read more →

Long analysis of the challenges that Apple will be facing in China when releasing the iPhone. The author concentrates on an analysis of the price and the importance of defining the right one for the Chinese market. It would have been interesting if they had also analyzed the social and... Read more →