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If you have ever visited a Korean, Chinese or Japanese website, you will probably have noted that it contains a lot more information and images per square inch than other, more "Western" sites from the US, Europe or Latin America. And that is the way most users in Asia expect... Read more →

There might be an opportunity for foreign online games companies, but China's Government regulation, limits to foreign investment and lack of localization could pose a barrier. First companies to figure how to enter the Chinese market, either alone or by integrating their games into social networks used locally, will probably... Read more →

Never underestimate the importance of high quality translations. Not even if the prize is a Siberian Tiger. via english.chosun.com Russia's tiger donation came about partly through an interpreter's mistake. While visiting Korea in June, a Russian delegation led by Vladimir Kirillov, the head of Russia's Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management... Read more →

Korean companies have been able to enter the China and India markets thanks to a simple localization strategy. Basically, the lesson is "listen to the local market needs, and the returns could be relevant". via english.chosun.com The world is raving over China and India, which are increasingly referred to as... Read more →