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Cloudwords, a new start-up based in San Francisco, was launched officially yesterday. Backed by a selected group of investors, including Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce, the Cloudwords platform offers companies with translation needs the option to manage their translations online, and also to find new, competitive translation services... Read more →

European Venture Capital: Strong Potential with Challenges Ahead

Europe, with some countries leading the way in industries like solar, biopharmaceuticals, wireless communications and open source, presents a very compelling region for Venture Capital. Nonetheless, market regulation, and even more a certain cultural approach towards new investments are challenges slowing down that potential. Via the equity kicker Simon Cook... Read more →

Robert Scoble, a well known American technology blogger, visited Paris a few weeks ago, and seems to have disliked the approach (or lack thereof) of "brand-building practices" among the local entrepreneurs. Although one could argue that Scoble's approach is too based on the "American way" of doing business, he does... Read more →

Global Entrepreneurship: Driving Recovery, Seizing Opportunity

The Global Entrepreneurship Week took place in London from November 16 to 22, 2009. The video below shows Carl Schramm, CEO of the Kauffman Foundation with a talk entitled “Driving a Global Movement of Entrepreneurs”, followed by Jim O’Neill, Head of Global Economic research at Goldman Sachs, talking on “The... Read more →