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This kind of lists is always a good laugh, and an important reminder of how fundamental it is to count with local teams (or experts in local language and culture, at least) when designing Global Marketing and PR campaigns. Having an International Expansion Strategy is not just about translating your... Read more →

Great interview with an expert on the localization and marketing of Western games in Japan. Very interesting insights about the importance of localization, of having into account the differences in culture and demographics, and of understanding the local consumer. Below, part of the interview dedicated to localization. via Tetsu... Read more →

Pretty obvious remarks about the fundamental importance of planning and integrating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy early in the Localization process. But, still, there are some good insights to be taken into consideration. via There’s a significant opportunity for marketers who take time to understand markets beyond their... Read more →

Short article from the UK about the new trend around local (and geo-localization) Internet services. Foursquare seems to be recognized as the new darling company for trend-setters and early adopters. Not very surprising since, after all, Internet is all about "Glocal", providing access to relevant Global and Local contents and... Read more →