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This mashup of the maps of the Facebook digital connections and the NASA's World at night is very interesting - and it would be even more if it was possible to draw general conclusions. Unfortunately, it is not, with one very clear exception. First, since China is quickly becoming the... Read more →

As most social celebrations (including Christmas), the origins of Thanksgiving can be traced all the way back to Ancient Pagan festivities. In this case, the relation with the celebration of a good harvesting year is clear, and happens all around the World, from the US to China, from Brazil to... Read more →

Facebook continues growing internationally, strengthening their dominant position among the Social Networks. via www.insidefacebook.com Facebook grew by 1.5 million people in October across the 15 countries we track in the greater Middle East in our Global Market Monitor. A loosely-defined region stretching from Morocco to Pakistan, it is dwarfed by... Read more →