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Much remains to be done in India. Policy-makers need to focus on significantly reducing poverty and improving living standards. One of the key challenges is to provide quality employment to the large number of people entering the workforce, as well as to those leaving the agriculture sector. So far and... Read more →

A great (and long, as usual in their articles) piece by Thomas L. Friedman published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Although published originally in 2005, Friedman's ideas accurately represent the current trends in Globalization - and with the appearance of Social Networks like Facebook and other websites and... Read more →

The end of a Decade, as the end of a Century or a Millennium, always triggers the imagination of people, and some "reviewers" feel compelled to analyze and group certain facts by "Eras". Are we really in an Era of Decline? If so, is it really a new "21st Century... Read more →

In the week where the Copenhagen Summit failed due to the US and China Governments declining to improve their environmental policies, it's interesting to see that both countries are still planning to invest heavily on green technology. Let's hope these investments are fruitful, and soon! via According to a... Read more →