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A new post in our series of maps and the Internet. This time, a map that brings together the real (tubes connecting servers connecting computers connecting people) and imaginary (where people think the "Internet" is) together. Is this the whole Internet? Of course not. But it brings us a step... Read more →

Looking at the language web in 2008, we see a surprisingly clear map of Europe and Asia. The language linkages invite explanations around geopolitics, linguistics, and historical associations. The outlines of the Iberian and Scandinavian Peninsulas are clearly visible, which suggest geographic rather than purely linguistic associations. Examining links between... Read more →

From time to time, we post articles related to more scientific subjects, always related to the expansion and/or future of the Internet. Today, this research shows how applying hyperbolic space mapping might help avoiding the scaling limitations that the Internet faces today. via Nature Communications The Internet infrastructure is severely... Read more →