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The importance of localizing your website for the target market can't be over-emphasized as there is a myriad of cultural and linguistic complexities that must be addressed - this applies to international SEO initiatives too. via Many small businesses could be missing a trick by limiting their SEO scope... Read more →

It seems like Yahoo! has been doing something right in Japan -- they have been the leading site there for more than eight years, and Google can't find the way to change it. Together with the fact that Yahoo! has been in the Japanese market for years, this is probably... Read more →

A good analysis, with great reasons, of why Fox's attempts to stop people from getting their contents through Google search will fail. As has been the case before, big US media strategies on the Internet have trickled down to shape how newspapers and other networks around the world position themselves... Read more →

Pretty obvious remarks about the fundamental importance of planning and integrating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy early in the Localization process. But, still, there are some good insights to be taken into consideration. via There’s a significant opportunity for marketers who take time to understand markets beyond their... Read more →