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Classic example of article suggesting companies to invest in making websites relevant to their local audiences (through not only high quality translations, but also through up-to-date localized contents and SEO strategy, and even by developing different feature sets for specific markets). via search engine journal The key thing (in terms... Read more →

The importance of localizing your website for the target market can't be over-emphasized as there is a myriad of cultural and linguistic complexities that must be addressed - this applies to international SEO initiatives too. via Many small businesses could be missing a trick by limiting their SEO scope... Read more →

Great interview with an expert on the localization and marketing of Western games in Japan. Very interesting insights about the importance of localization, of having into account the differences in culture and demographics, and of understanding the local consumer. Below, part of the interview dedicated to localization. via Tetsu... Read more →

Knowing how hard it is to localize applications, it's refreshing to see that the team at Apple seems to have gotten the process right. Their Developer pages have great information about the Localization and Internationalization processes and tools, and it's a great source of general information. via The following... Read more →