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Although it is obvious for anyone who a) knows what "Caucasian" Americans like in terms of sports (hint: soccer is not on the list), and b) what "Hispanics" (and, to that matter, almost anyone else around the world, from Russia to Argentina, from Israel to Iran, from Iceland to Korea)... Read more →

Interesting approach by Plurk, a small microblogging rival to Twitter, which is acquiring users in Asia by offering their service in local languages. Plurk has invested heavily in a strategy where crowdsourcing their translations seems to be key. Nevertheless, audience numbers still, and increasingly favor Twitter around the world, which... Read more →

Interesting research about what kind of activities Internet users have around the world. It is remarkable how the level of maturity of a market (measured in terms of Internet penetration) might explain what activities users perform. For example, while in mature markets like the US, Canada and the UK, blogging... Read more →

A great (and long, as usual in their articles) piece by Thomas L. Friedman published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Although published originally in 2005, Friedman's ideas accurately represent the current trends in Globalization - and with the appearance of Social Networks like Facebook and other websites and... Read more →